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Wild East – Kainuu and North Karelia regions of Eastern Finland

Finland's two easternmost provinces – North Karelia and Kainuu – offer everything a nature-loving traveler could wish for. In Eastern Finland you will find the most famous lookout spot in the whole country, the...
saana lapland

Day Hikes in Finland – 8 Best Short Hiking Trails

Finland is full of wonderful nature attractions that can be easily explored on a day trip. Hiking in Finland does not necessarily require expensive equipment or even orienteering skills, because the most popular trails...
baby bear finland

Bear Watching in Finland – Guide to Bear Safaris

The brown bear is Finland's national animal, a mythical creature that has always been feared and respected. For the ancient Finns, the bear was such a sacred creature that its name was not uttered...
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Driving in Finland – Tips and 4 Best Road Trips

Finland is a country of long distances. While public transport works rather well in larger cities, a private car comes handy in the countryside. A tourist should seriously consider renting a car, as many...
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Fishing in Finland – Species, Tackle, Permits and Best Fishing Spots

Finland is a fisherman's dream destination. There are thousands of lakes, hundreds of rivers and thousands of kilometers of Baltic Sea’s shores – not to mention all the islands. Fishing is allowed almost everywhere...