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Here you can find the best attractions in Finland: best national parks, day hikes, bear safaris, festivals, saunas, road trips, family attractions and much more.

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Trekking Trails in Finland – 3 Best Multi-Day Hikes

Finland's best trekking trails can be found in the north, in the national parks of Lapland and Kuusamo. Of course, there are great outdoor destinations in Southern Finland as well, but their trails are...
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Day Hikes in Finland – 8 Best Short Hiking Trails

Finland is full of wonderful nature attractions that can be easily explored on a day trip. Hiking in Finland does not necessarily require expensive equipment or even orienteering skills, because the most popular trails...

National Parks in Finland – 10 Best Places for Hiking and Camping

Some of Finland's most amazing attractions are the national parks, where you can admire national landscapes and other natural wonders, as well as go hiking, camping, berry picking and fishing. There are 40 national...
baby bear finland

Bear Watching in Finland – Guide to Bear Safaris

The brown bear is Finland's national animal, a mythical creature that has always been feared and respected. For the ancient Finns, the bear was such a sacred creature that its name was not uttered...
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Driving in Finland – Tips and 4 Best Road Trips

Finland is a country of long distances. While public transport works rather well in larger cities, a private car comes handy in the countryside. A tourist should seriously consider renting a car, as many...
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Sauna in Finland – the Ultimate Guide to Finnish Sauna Culture

Sauna tradition is one of the most important parts of Finnish identity and cultural heritage. For us Finns sitting in a 100-degree sauna is everyday business, but for a novice it's an exciting (and...