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reindeer lapland

Lapland in Winter – Best Winter Activities

Snow, reindeer, northern lights and Santa Claus – Lapland in the northern part of Finland is a memorable travel destination in winter. Lapland's busiest tourist season is December, but the late winter, too, is...
husky safari rovaniemi

Rovaniemi – Gateway to Finnish Lapland

Rovaniemi, located in the Arctic Circle, is the gateway to Lapland. This is where the journey to the north of the Arctic Circle begins, but Rovaniemi is a fascinating destination in itself. The city...
moose warning sign

Driving in Finland – Tips and 4 Best Road Trips

Finland is a country of long distances. While public transport works rather well in larger cities, a private car comes handy in the countryside. A tourist should seriously consider renting a car, as many...
lakeside cottage finland

Summer Cottages and Cabins in Finland – Guide to Finnish Cottage Life

Summer vacation in Finland is not complete without spending time at a summer cottage by the lake. We Finns drive to our cottages for hours, only to spend weekends and summer holidays in complete...